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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, the latest entry in the long running farm simulator series from Natsume, follows in the same footsteps as its predecessors.

However, the game is still as fun as ever even though it doesn’t change the formula all too much.

The plot line, such as it is, is much the same for almost every game: the protagonist, a young hero, just starting life on his or her own, inherits or buys a farm. The player must clear his/her fields, plant crops, raise livestock like cows, sheep, and chickens, care for pets like horses and dogs, and gather materials from the countryside to help improve his/her house or sell for extra cash.

Sadly, its previous owner was unable to keep up with chores on the farm, leaving it in a significantly dilapidated state... However, the "business" aspects of play are not nearly the full scope of the game; the social aspect of the series is one of its biggest draws.

Newcomers are coming towards your village, and their lives totally depend on your farm.

I would also collect green herbs and make them into herb tea.

In addition to making money through a variety of means, the player is generally expected to integrate himself or herself into the community.

Players can make friends with various townsfolk, attend festivals (which range from paralleling real-life holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, to pseudo-religious ceremonies, purely social occasions in the community, and competitions where the player can compete himself or herself or enter his/her livestock or pets to compete), woo the local girls (or guys in later versions where you can play as a female farmer), and eventually get married and have children.

Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is a port of a two-year-old Game Cube title that makes little and entirely optional use of the Wii controls, runs at 50Hz and essentially removes half of the game by taking away the choice to be a girl farmer.

It's also an otherwise unchanged Wii conversion of the best Harvest Moon game ever made, released exclusively in Europe to make up for the fact that the Cube version never made it over here. As a female Harvest Moon fan, I'm incandescent that they've gone to the trouble to remove the option to play as a girl and marry one of the game's eleven bachelors for (well, publisher Rising Star says it was to minimise delays, but after two years, who cares anymore?

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