Updating powerbook cd drive

That’s why external optical drives have been a popular peripheral for many Mac users.

Which brings us to our question: How do you eject a CD or DVD from a Mac or an externally connected optical drive?

Is there a download link for it - I can only find buy links..

And can I use the product code that is on the back of my CS cds??

The Power Book (known as Macintosh Power Book before 1997) was a line of Macintosh laptop computers that was designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. During its lifetime, the Power Book went through several major revisions and redesigns, often being the first to incorporate features that would later become standard in competing laptops.

The Power Book line was targeted at the professional market, and received numerous awards, especially in the second half of its life, such as the 2001 Industrial Design Excellence Awards "Gold" status, and Engadget's 2005 "Laptop of the Year".

4) Selecting the disk icon upon the desktop, then hit “Command-E” on the keyboard The disk should eject with one of those steps, but if it doesn’t you can also try the methods described below.

Indeed, the Windows software that provides this functionality from a PC hasn't even been updated since it was released, still sitting at v1.0.

A friend of mine that is new to Macs couldn’t figure out how to get a CD to eject, after some frustration he then complained that his Mac Book doesn’t have the paperclip hole to forcibly eject a disc from the superdrive.

After some discussion I realized he’s probably not alone in his confusion of how eject a stuck disk on a Mac, so here’s a few different ways to do it, ranging from easy to more advanced.

Portable PC computers at the time were still oriented toward DOS, and tended to have the keyboard forward towards the user, with empty space behind it that was often used for function key reference cards.

In the early days of Microsoft Windows, many notebooks came with a clip on trackball that fit on the edge of the keyboard molding.

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