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I am from London and, whilst I have always considered myself to be something of a maverick, am really just another office guy in the City.

Now in my thirties and inexorably alone, I have decided to start recording my dating chronicles.

As well as my forays into digital matchmaking you will also learn of my ill-judged attempts to charm my work colleagues. Founded by Emma Flaherty, Money Girl is a Social Enterprise that was born out of the... Madagascar is a huge island on the south coast of Africa.

Reading this blog will provide you with an insight into the mind of the modern corporate man – who knows, we may all learn something. Establish an authentic and compelling leadership style, building on your own leadership qualities and aspirations, and developing the essential skills and confidence to lead others. 75 percent of the species found in Madagascar live nowhere else on the planet.

Acutely aware of many Asian men's ageism mentality, on their third date, Nina decided to broach the subject about their age difference. Whilst we're all busy people, if not somewhat egotistical and complacent at times, this results in picking up bad dating habits.

Let me elaborate with an example that a member, recently shared. They went on a couple of dates and things seem to be going swimmingly well. The thrill of getting to know someone that you find attractive ought to be an exhilarating experience, otherwise why bother?

please don’t hesitate and contact me if – you have any questions about Ukrainian women, culture or country – you have made positive (or maybe negative) experience with Ukrainian brides and/or online dating – you want to tell me and my readers your story – you want to tell me that you love or hate me 🙂 – interest in a guest post?

Hello everyone – I am happy to announce that I had my first date.

The second sentence is very general and subjective.

What comfortable in your own skin means to you could be totally different than what it means to a man.

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The aim of this blog is to subdue the white noise and hopefully make some sense of it all.

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