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Most of you have experiences of harm in cultish or damaging Buddhist groups.

The ladies reportedly had a big falling out in the show’s final season when Parker was paid considerably more than Cattrall on the HBO series.

Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche M b1926 "Kadampa master," Kalachakra lineage, travels Gerry Kopelow M b1953ish Canuck (WPG) aka Lama Gyurne Dorje author, photographer, Namgyal Rinpoche Knga Dawa M b1938ish Scot based in US (CO) aka Richard Arthure, Chgyam Trungpa.

Page is a request for retreat support Kunzang Dechen Lingpa Rinpoche M b1928 Dzogchen, "Lodhak Terton, reincarnation of Terton Longsel Nyingpo, of the Drubchen Melong Dorje lineage," Dudjom R Lama Karma Kunzang M b1947ish Brit based in Canada (BC) aka Rodney Devenish, (tulku of) Kunzang Palden Rinpoche, 16th Karmapa, Namgyal Rinpoche, Jean Dunn et al Kyabj Knzang Dorje Rinpoche M b1929 Nyingma lineage, Dzogchen, tantric based in Nepal, accessible mainly thru Ngak'chang Rinpoche et al Lho Bngtl Rinpoche (7th) M b1965 aka Tendzin Nyima based in Malaysia Lho Kunsang Rinpoche (8th) M b1942 based in Malaysia, id'd by 16th Karmapa Khensur Denma Locho Rinpoche M b1928 Yamataka specialist, principal, abbot, taught in US, now in Dharamsala Yeshe Lodoy Rinpoche M b1943 Gelugpa, based in Mongolia, travels RU, incarnation of Yelo Tulku; Dulwa Khenpo Ngawang Thubten Choikyi Nyima Lama Lodro* M b1948ish American-born relocated to Canada (YK! asa Nupa, aka Konchok Tenzin, Drikung, based in Malaysia.

Traditional Tibetan Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine is recommended by masters of Buddhism from Tibet such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Chatral Rinpoche, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, and Trogawa Rinpoche.

The effectiveness of Tibetan herbal formulas is high for conditions as wide ranging as stress, anxiety, insomnia and other sleep problems, night waking, sleeplessness, low energy, chronic fatigue syndrome, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), problems becoming pregnant, exhaustion, depression, digestion issues, irritable bowel, inability to focus, mood problems, sexual disability and impotence.

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